SPM99 Gem 5: Mesh Plots of t–maps

Subject: Re: Mesh Plots of t-maps
From: John Ashburner <john@FIL.ION.UCL.AC.UK>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:14:20 +0000

| I am wishing to create Mesh plots in Matlab of the t-map produced
| from my SPM analysis. Being a somewhat Matlab virgin, I was wondering
| whether
| someone could possibly point me in the direction of exactly how to do this.
| Which mat file contains all t-values in the statistic image?

The t values are stored in spmT_????.img files, where ???? refers to
the contrast number.  You can read the values from these images into
Matlab something like:

        pl    = 30; % plane 30
        fname = spm_get(1,'*.img','Name of t image');
        V     = spm_vol(fname);
        M     = spm_matrix([0 0 pl]);
        img   = spm_slice_vol(V,M,V.dim(1:2),1);

Displaying the values can be dome something like:

There are loads of commands for 3D visualisation in Matlab 5.x.  You can
find out what these are by typing:
        help graph3d

All the best,

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